How to Increase EDGE Internet Speed

Maybe you have read how to increase GPRS internet speed, this time will discuss how to increase EDGE internet speed.

EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) is a cellular Internet protocol that is still widely used for network connections.

There are two reasons why to use EDGE networks. Cheap cellphones often use EDGE and usually rarely use more than 3G or 4G speeds, connections are available on premium cellphones. Some networks do not provide 3G or 4G coverage in all specific areas, and all GSM phones will default to EDGE when faster networks are not available. Then how to increase EDGE internet speed:

    Check the cellphone to make sure you get as many bars as possible in cellular signals. Weak cell phone connections will reduce the internet edge speed. Move your cellphone to a different location, or closer to the window when in the room, can increase cellular reception or location is centered in the middle of an open house that is not blocked by the Atou window something that contains electromagnetic flow.
    Move one or two remote locations in different positions, so that your cellphone picks up a cell tower that is different from the one you are using. Cellular network connections share internet bandwidth with all other users in the same tower, so if the tower you use is very busy, changing to a different tower can increase internet speed.
    Turn off the cellphone, then turn it on again. This will ensure that your mobile does not run other software that might use a network connection in the background. This will slow down the speed of your application being actively used and affect your internet speed.
    Try different applications on mobile phones, if you use a cellphone that allows installation of additional software. Some applications are far more efficient in using internet bandwidth than others, and more efficient applications will appear much faster, even when the internet connection itself is still slow. If you do not use a premium smartphone, contact your service provider to determine whether to provide additional applications for your mobile.

The speed of the internet edge depends on certain areas and the use of supporting mobile devices.