How to Increase Wireless Bandwidth

How to Increase Wireless Bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transmitted along a signal during a certain time. Wireless bandwidth is greatly influenced by the signal strength of the wireless router to the computer. Increasing the wireless signal from the router to where you use the computer will increase the bandwidth and speed of data transfer. How to increase wireless bandwidth to increase.

    The first one moves the wireless router to a centralized location. If possible, try to place your wireless router in the middle of the house. If the router on one side of the signal building on the other hand will be weak, it means that the bandwidth is lacking. Moving the router can help to increase wireless bandwidth

    How to Increase Wireless Bandwidth is to eliminate signal blockers. Keep your wireless router away from wireless phones, baby monitors, iron file cabinets, walls, and anything that has electromagnetic waves. Select cordless phones or other signal broadcasting equipment operating at frequencies below 2.4GHz.

    Replace the wireless router antenna. Some routers do not have an external antenna, but if you are not likely the antenna is designed to be broadcast in 360 degrees. If using a computer it is generally only one direction from the wireless router, installing a “hi-gain” antenna that broadcasts only one direction. The signal from the router will become stronger, which can increase your wireless bandwidth.

    Use a wireless repeater. Wireless Repeaters can be purchased at a number of computer stores and online. Place a wireless repeater in another part of the house that has a low signal to increase wireless wireless bandwidth for computers.

    Use the same modem brand and wireless router. Hardware manufacturers design hardware to work well with each other. Although different brands can work together, switching to just one brand can really increase wireless bandwidth.

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